Addiction Affects Family Members and Loved Ones.

Substance use disorder is a family disease.  When your loved one has a problem with substance use, it affects everyone in the family.


At Gateway Rehab, we encourage you to be part of your loved one’s addiction treatment and recovery process.  Programming for family and loved ones will encourage you to discuss the impact that addiction has on your life and on others associated with your loved one.  We want you to have a voice and a safe place where you can comfortably talk about how addiction has affected your life.


We also assist with finding support groups such as Al-anon and Nar-anon where you will learn to take care of yourself and be a vital part of the recovery process. 


Recovery for the patient is enhanced greatly by a healthy family. 



  • Education
  • Support
  • Participation

Download a guide to information and resources for family and loved ones:

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Recovery changes lives, and families.