Every year, substance abuse in the workplace costs U.S. businesses approximately $81 billion. Locally, it doesn't matter if it's Ohio or Western Pennsylvania, it’s an enormous and growing problem, but there is a solution.

Through training, organizations can face substance abuse head-on and offer their employees the help they need to fight addiction

Here’s how to get started.

5 Steps to a Drug-Free Workplace:

  • Written Policy
    • A carefully crafted and up-to-date workplace policy describing prohibited behaviors and their consequences is the foundation of any drug-free environment. The policy will cover:
    • The purpose and goals
    • Individuals to whom the policy applies
    • Prohibited behaviors
    • Consequences of noncompliance
    • Available resources for employees needing help
    • Employee confidentiality
    • Methods for communicating the policy
  • Employee Education
    • Educating your workforce about addiction informs them about addiction and its effects on work, health, personal goals and assistance available. Participants will attend lecture, group discussions and case studies where they will learn:
    • The impact of alcohol and other drugs on work, health and personal goals
    • The reasons behind the employer’s drug-free workplace policy
    • Details of the policy
    • Stages of addiction including use, abuse and addiction
    • Signs and symptoms
    • Types of drugs
    • How to seek assistance
    • Resources available to individuals with drug-related problems
  • Supervisor Training
    • Education for managers helps them recognize substance abuse problems and enforce the appropriate policies. Participants will learn:
    • The economic impact of substance abuse on businesses
    • Stages of addiction including use, abuse and addiction
    • Signs and symptoms
    • Types of drugs
    • Federal and state laws
    • Enforcing the policy
    • Employee confidentiality
    • Workers compensation issues
  • Employee Assistance Program
    • An EAP provides services to help companies with substance-abuse problems interfering with job performance. EAPs offer assessment, counseling and referrals to treatment options. Back on Track is Gateway Rehab's employee assistance program.
  • Drug Testing
    • Clearly defined and legal drug testing policies provide the necessary evidence for appropriate intervention and/or disciplinary action. Gateway Rehab will provide companies participating with a list of the SAMHSA certified labs.

      After developing a drug-free workplace policy, Gateway Rehab can provide on-site training for:

    • Supervisors and employees regarding federal and state guidelines for the misuse of alcohol and drugs in the workplace
    • Drug-free workplace policy review
    • Policy implementation